Frequently asked questions!

1) What types of files can I use on ?
We support the following formats: PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, JPG, JPEG, PNG, ODT.
2) Can I use offline?
You can use the editor offline, allowing you to do all your work at any time. Please note that our file conversion features are not yet available offline.
3) Can I use your tool for professional purposes?
If you want to use for commercial purposes, you need to subscribe to our €29.9 per month offer. You can get a trial for 0,50€/month to test our tools.
4) My file doesn't work on , what can I do ?
If your file does not work on , it may be corrupted or password protected. is not able to read a corrupted or protected file, so you must first ensure that your file is readable on your computer.
5) Are my files stored by ?
We do not store your files unless you enable the option to use our built-in cloud. In all other cases, your files pass through our servers encrypted via SSL and are never stored on our servers. We therefore never have access to them and are not able to retrieve them.